Visiting «MVC-2019»

Visiting «MVC-2019»


Polymer Service, LLC leadership is visiting the XXIV International exhibition called «MVC-2019». It will take place in the period from January, 29th, to January, 30th, 2019 in VDNH, Moscow.

This exhibition is going to present the following: technologies and equipment for growing, collection, transportation, storage, and processing of corn; agricultural chemistry; agricultural machines; raw materials, technologies, and equipment for cereal producing (flours, corns, and compound animal feedstuff); elevators and corn storage facilities; grinding mills; groats and compound animal feedstuff mills; compound animal feedstuff (for pets, farm animals, birds, and fishes); veterinary equipment, medicines and services; packing equipment and materials; technologies and equipment required for animal farming and aquaculture.

We will be glad to start new partner relations and gaining experience from our colleagues. We invite our customers and partners to take part in this event.

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