Balls for galvanic baths

Balls for galvanic baths

Balls for galvanic baths (heat-insulating floaters)

Heat-insulating floaters
Heat-insulating floaters are all-cast polypropylene balls, which are used in electroplating industry. They cover the surface of a chemical solution and create uniform protective layer.

Floaters are movable, so they create no obstruction for loading and unloading jobs while they perform several important functions.

Thermal insulation
In order to maintain electroplating process it is required to keep certain temperature inside a bath. Polypropylene floaters reduce heat loss from the electrolytic solution surface, help to maintain required temperature of the chemical solution for longer period, and reduce consumption of energy, required for bath heating.

Evaporation reduction
Floaters fully enclose surface of a chemical solution and prevent it from evaporating. You will reduce the loss of useful solution components, while hot solutions will not concentrate during the operation.

Labor conditions improvement
By excluding hazardous chemical vapors, you will protect your employees’ health.

Ventilation load relief
You will save on heating of your premises during the winter season and reduce ventilation system wearing.

Corrosion reduction
You will extend the service life of equipment and metal structures within your workshop by protecting them from oxidizing vapors.

Splash reduction
Polypropylene floaters will reduce the amount of splashes while loading and unloading of object from a bath.


We have worked out all-cast polypropylene floaters to be applied in electroplating industry. Their advantages are the following:

One float’s weight is 9 g
Lighter balls may remain on objects during their unloading from a bath. 9 g floaters will remain on solution surface, not on an object.

Polypropylene is resistant to caustic chemical agents
Galvanic baths are made exactly of polypropylene. Our floaters are suitable for any galvanic and chemical solutions, which contain acids, alkalies, non-organic salts, and organic compounds.

Floaters are resistant to mechanical damage
Polypropylene is stronger than foam plastic, while all-cast balls are stronger than hollow type ones. Even if an all-cast floater is damaged, it will not lose its buoyancy.

Polypropylene is resistant to high temperature.
This feature is important while working with hot chemical solutions.

We guarantee long-term service life of our products!


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