About us

About us

Polymer Service, Limited Liability Company was established in the Nizhegorodskaya region in 2010. Nowadays it is a modern plant producing polymer goods of different purposes, and it has authority over the market with reference to agricultural industry.

Our staff comprises highly qualified specialists. Their experience, competence, and new technologies knowledge enable the company to get success while occupying its rightful place within the industry.

Our main business line refers to agriculture. In 2015 we launched production line of balls purposed for cleaning of screens and sieves of shaking machines, separating units, filter pans, and sieve purifiers. Our laboratory has been continuously developing raw material composition and improving our balls structure. In 2017 we launched fabrication of the complete balls line, characterized by the variety of all possible diameters and rebound parameters. Our customers have remained pleased with our efforts. After holding negotiations with leading agricultural producers we launched fabrication of polymer conveyor buckets and polymer scrapers purposed for different conveyor equipment.

The main goal of our production is releasing polymer and rubber industrial items, which are to correspond to customers’ requirements and technical specifications. Thus, we use only high-quality raw materials, which are applied in engineering sphere, textile industry, agriculture, medicine, automobile production, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, and in everyday usage.

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