Movable ball nozzles

Movable ball nozzles

Movable ball nozzles for scrubbers and absorbers

Wet scrubbing refers to the method of eliminating of gas flows contaminations, which is among the most effective methods of dust extraction. Wet cleaning machines (scrubbers and absorbers) have simple structure; however their effectiveness is equal to complex dry dust extractors.

Gas scrubbers with movable nozzles have become widely spread in dust extraction, although they refer to a relatively new product on the market. Machines fitted with movable nozzles may operate under different modes. Usually such machines (scrubbers and absorbers) use one-piece and hollow type polymer balls 20-40 mm in diameter. In order to ensure free movements of a movable nozzle, balls’ density shall not exceed scrubbing liquid’s density. Water is usually used as the scrubbing liquid. After the contact with water it is created the phase contacting area. Machines with movable nozzles are highly effective.

Our movable ball nozzles support intensive settling of contaminations and correspond to the following characteristics:

• they are characterized by large surface in the volumetric unit
• they are well moistened by scrubbing liquids
• they make little hydraulic resistance to gas flow
• they are uniformly distributed by scrubbing liquids
• they are resistant to chemical affection of liquids and gases inside a column
• they are light-weight
• they are characterized by high mechanical strength
• they are reasonably priced

We offer you our movable ball type nozzles made of foam plastic. They are highly resistant to chemical and physical effects. Diameter: 30 mm, weight: 9 g. We also can fabricate nozzles of the following diameters: 25, 28, 32, and 35 mm. Fabrication of nozzles as per your drawings is also possible.

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