Fish-protection balls

Fish-protection balls

Balls for fish-protection trays

All pump stations, which deliver water from fishery water bodies, shall be equipped with special fish-protection devices (FPD). Such devices delicately filter fishes and protect them from injuries and killing in water well pumps.

Industrial and utility water-catchment plants usually use dimensional filtering devices, also known as fish-protection trays. A fish-protection tray consists of a metal frame, which is filled with filtering material: polymer balls, bloating clay, or other cohesionless materials. Polymer balls refer to best filling material for fish-protection trays. They are reasonable-priced, functional, durable, and very efficient.

  • Perfect shape. All balls in a tray are of the same size and perfect shape. Owing to this they will not be washed out by water streams, unlike bloating clay.
  • Elaborated size. We fabricate our balls 20-50 mm in diameter. You are to select the size, which will be preferable for your technical requirements.
  • Variable buoyancy. Different types of fish-protection devices require different buoyancy parameters of applicable filling materials. We offer the balls characterized with positive, zero, or negative buoyancy.
  • Necessary documents. We can provide quality certificates with reference to our products and technical passports for applicable materials.
  • We are fine with non-standard requirements. If you need a special product with non-standard parameters, we will work it out for you and launch fabrication.

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