Plucking fingers

Plucking fingers

Plucking fingers refer to an easy and convenient tool to industrial defeathering. They are made of polymer. Indeed, their shape resembles fingers.

Plucking fingers are to be mounted at operating units of defeathering parts or machines. During defeathering, feathers are removed from poultry skin by means of plucking fingers owing to the friction force.

Plucking fingers differ by their size, surface shape, and rigidity. Different typed of poultry may require usage of different plucking fingers. It is very important to select suitable plucking fingers with reference to the required poultry type. Small feathers of broilers and chikens usually require ring shaped or ball type accessories (with bumps). Web-foots with large rigid feathers, such as ducks and geese, usually require ring shaped accessories (with horizontal ribs). In case of incorrect selection of accessories, there is the risk of incomplete defeathering or overload affection of carcasses and skin damaging.

In order to defeather different poultry types within a same machine, it is required to equally use both ring type and ball shaped accessories and locate them in chessboard order.

Material strength is an important parameter. Soft fingers (Shore 48-55) are to be used in household centrifugal machines, beater drums, and defeathering units. More rigid fingers (Shore 60-70) are to ba applied in industrial conveyor lines.

We fabricate standard plucking fingers of the following characteristics:

  • • 90-100 mm in length
  • • Fitment bore diameter: 21 mm
  • • You may select item rigidity in compliance with the requirements of your technical requirements

If you require plucking fingers of other characteristics, we will customize them for you.

We can provide quality certificates with reference to our products and technical passports for applicable materials.


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