РАВ® trademark is our quality label!

РАВ® trademark is our quality label!

Trademark is needed to individualize the goods and take responsibility for product quality. We have protected our quality with РАВ® trademark.

The trademark was registered on June, 23rd, 2020 and attributed with the following number: 76385.

POLYMER SERVICE, LLC is the legal trademark owner.

Categories as per International Classification of Goods and Services and the list of products/ services: 07 – absorbers; plucking fingers (parts of defeathering machines); conveyors (machines); belt-type conveyors; elevator buckets (elevator parts purposed for handling of bulk materials); conveyor belts; automatic manipulators (machines); galvanizing machines; air blowing machines for adsorption, compaction and transportation of corn; electroplating machines; defeathering machines; filtering machines; movable ball nozzles for absorbers; conveyor scrapers for handling of bulk materials; cleaning balls for sieving surfaces of machines, units, tools, and stations; polymer balls for cleaning of sieving surfaces of machines, units, tools, and stations; balls for filtering machines; plastic balls for filtering machines; balls for galvanic baths [heat-insulating floaters]; agricultural elevators. 11 – movable ball nozzles for scrubbers; water-catchment devices; scrubbers (parts of gas units); balls for fish-protection devices within water-catchment plants.

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