РАВ type innovative polymer bucket: launching of a new project

РАВ type innovative polymer bucket: launching of a new project



After long-term communication to agricultural engineers and mechanicians we have learned how to analyze problems and realize our ideas. One of these problems is inefficient operation of 100 t/h elevator. In fact, it does not show the rated capacity due to buckets deficiency.

Bucket shape is very important for their correct filling and releasing. It is necessary to consider product scooping and centrifugal releasing. Thus, our technologists have developed innovative РАВ 100 series buckets. Their operating volume is much larger; such buckets are characterized with high operating parameters and wear resistance. Wall thickness of РАВ type buckets enables them to handle heavy and strongly abrasive products and materials, such as seeds, send, cement, etc., since their shovel parts have more rounded shape. Due to this, they easily unload bulk materials at high speed, avoiding their sticking to surfaces.

For convenience of the customers, who use 100 t/h elevators, we have preserved original dimensions of РАВ100 series as nearly as possible. That is why they will not have to spend extra funds to replace spare parts like elevator bands or bolts on their equipment. Center-to-center holes will be perfectly suitable for replacement of old KH buckets by new РАВ 100 ones.

Best gratitude for our engineers is our feedback and recommendations with reference to our products!

We have already launched this process, so soon we will be able to offer brand new РАВ 100 series!

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